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My go-to tips are:

  1. Buy kid’s clothes during sale. Best times to buy clothing are around festive times when there are huge sales both online and offline. Also keep checking your child’s cupboard to know what exactly you need. Otherwise, you will end up buying the same thing you already have too many. For example, you might have plenty of tops and might need just the leggings or the bottoms. But unless you know that you might end buying too many tops or t-shirts.
  2. Buy 1 size bigger clothing for kids, as they outgrow their clothes very fast. These days kids have full-fledged wardrobes, so buying a little bigger size could mean they are able to wear it at least a few times before they out grow them. We did a post on things that you do NOT need to buy for a baby.
  3. When buying for a new baby, do not to go overboard. It is best to invest only in the necessities. Like there is no point buying those little cute shoes as babies never wear them. Instead, buy socks for babies. For Indian conditions, it is best to buy separates for babies rather than buying one-sizes.

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